Emily, Alexandria

Cert III & IV in Fitness, Level 1 and 2 Trampoline Coaching Certificate (NZ), Level 1 Trampoline Judging Certificate (NZ), Diploma in Fitness Management
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Emily is our head trainer at Alexandria, Sydney as well as the national head trainer. She puts all the Skyfit programs together and mixes it up monthly to work you hard every time. Her core values are directly in line with Skyfit – have fun and get fit.

Emily lives and breathes Skyfit. Her love for trampolining started at a young age of 14 and has coached trampolining since 2007, she’s even competed internationally in trampolining! Emily has extended her qualifications into fitness and has been a personal trainer since 2009.

Having a background in youth work and nursing, Emily uses exercise as a tool for mental health and likes to takes on a more holistic approach to health. She loves to help people learn to enjoy exercise and have a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Classes with Emily can be intense, but you’ll hardly realise you are working out until it’s over. She’s full of smiles, bad jokes, and quirky exercise challenges. Happy Jumping!