No Ifs, Just Butts

Difficulty 75%
Trampoline Skills 75%
Cardio 75%
Strength 75%
Flexibility 50%
Core 50%

Intermediate – Experienced: Want to step up that booty game? Work hard, get toned, get stronger. Our 30-min lower body intensive workout that will leave you literally aching for more!

No Ifs, Just Butts is lower body focused. It’s an intermediate level of difficulty with lots of strength work included to give you a little bit of a break from cardio.

Incorporating different intensity levels, power work, plyometric, weights, isometrics, cardio and lots of strength focused work, this class activates the glutes and as jumping is already a great way to build the booty, this class is supercharged for legs and butt power.

Work on individual tramps with an added mini-circuit at the end of the class. Prepare to avoid stairs the next day!

*Available at Alexandria, Miranda and Macgregor.



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