Jump Start

Difficulty 25%
Trampoline Skills 25%
Cardio 75%
Strength 25%
Flexibility 25%
Core 50%

Beginner: Haven’t stepped foot on a trampoline since you were a little tyke? This is the class for you. Jump Start is a cardio-based program for anyone who’s getting back into the game after a bit of time off. Learn basic jumps, burn some calories and get your body moving!

Jump Start is a cardio based class that you can take at your own pace but you’ll still be sweating by the end of each class. It’s trampoline fitness 101, where the class runs through the basics so that you can easily follow along in the other classes once you advance.

The class starts with getting to know the tramp. Get used to the feeling of jumping and how it feels to move around. Learn some of the most basic versions of trampoline skills that are used in the more challenging classes (tuck jumps, star jumps, seat drops, half turns etc). Practice moving over the dividers in this class with no pressure. There’s lots of time to practice and more time for the trainers to help you.

The class always ends with a bit of core stabilisation work and stretching. An easy-going class with lots of fun!

*Available at Alexandria, Miranda and Macgregor.



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