Heart Starter

Difficulty 50%
Trampoline Skills 50%
Cardio 100%
Strength 50%
Flexibility 50%
Core 50%

Intermediate: For those who want to have fun, get their heart rate up and master the basics, before going on to finessing those flips, tricks and somersaults.

Heart Starter is a step up from Jump Start. We move a bit quicker, the moves are a bit tougher and you need a bit of co-ordination to keep up. Once you’ve done a few Jump Start classes you should give Heart Starter a go!

Starting with a standard jumping warm up, you’re given run down on what’s in store for the rest of the class.

The jump library is expanded to almost anything here. The main goal is to increase the heart rate and improve cardiovascular fitness but also work on coordination, flexibility and core stability (pike jumps, straddle jumps, full twists, seat drop ½ twist to seat drop, back drops etc.) These skills are put together to create mini routines and working on technique. Going up and down the tramps and jumping from one tramp to another, it truly puts your cardio fitness to the test.

Think relays, laps, bouncing beep test, races etc. It’s not competitive and there are always easier or harder options. It’s agility work, core work and nice stretch to finish!

*Available at Alexandria, Miranda and Macgregor.



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