Difficulty 25%
Trampoline Skills 0%
Cardio 25%
Strength 50%
Flexibility 25%
Core 25%

Beginner – Experienced: Experience a whole new kind of exercise class using our incredible climbing wall. We’ll take you from the floor to sky high in a circuit-style class that works muscles you didn’t even know you had.

This may seem scary at first but you never have to climb to the top if you don’t want to! Our climbing walls have an auto-belay system that means everyone comes down the wall at the same pace. With lots of different climbing walls and obstacles to challenge yourself, this will put your upper body to the test. This class is suitable for beginners.

After a quick safety briefing, harness set up and clip in procedure, you’ll be let loose in the playground to get the feel of the climb at your own pace as a warm up. This is a great opportunity for our newbies to build up some confidence and practice climbing techniques and letting go when comfortable. Then, pair up and spot your climber for 2×40 seconds climb and swap. You’ll be ready for a big upper body stretch by the end!

*Available at Alexandria and Miranda.



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