Aerial Abs

Difficulty 25%
Trampoline Skills 50%
Cardio 50%
Strength 50%
Flexibility 50%
Core 100%

Beginner – Experienced: A strong core makes life easier. This half hour core control session will improve your posture, balance and overall wellbeing, not to mention a flat stomach and sexy abs.

Aerial abs is a class beginners can handle. It does not involve much high intensity work and focuses more on control. During a big warm up, learn how to properly engage the core to strengthen the lower back which will help enable jumps more safely and efficiently.

There are some trampoline skills (tuck jumps, pike jumps, twist jumps, oblique jumps etc.) that are applied in this class to get the heart rate up whilst keeping the core engaged.

The primary focus of this class is to target that stubborn mid section through dynamic core work like seat drops, back drops, mountain climbers etc., static core work like sit ups, crunches, toe touches, v-sits, planks etc., and pilates style movements with resistance bands.

*Available at Alexandria, Miranda and Macgregor.



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